Our homes are just like other homes in the neighborhood. They are clean, well maintained, and personalized so they feel

like "home".

Typically three to four individuals live in a licensed home with staffing 24 hours per day. Each person has their own bedroom personalized to their unique preferences. Some homes are renovated to provide wheelchair accessibility.

Individuals with developmental disabilities want to be part of their community just like everybody else. They carry out activities of daily living just like the rest of us and may also finds jobs in the community.

Aacres provides specialized services and supports for adults with intellectual disabilities in family style homes in the community. 


We work hard to ensure our homes are well-furnished and have the same amenities that we would like to have in our own homes.

We also provide supplemental supports such as counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing support, behavior management, and or other specialized services to best meet the needs of our clients and to maximize their quality of life in a community setting.

All residents are encouraged to be a part of the community through day services, hobbies and and activities/events in the community.


Aacres maximizes independence in the community to allow the residents to access the least restrictive environment. 


We have specialized homes that cater to the needs of our residents so they can have the support needed in the home. We impact and improve people's lives daily.