Our goal is first and foremost to meet the needs of the clients; however it is imperative that clinicians work collaboratively with leadership and direct care staff to provide evidenced-based assessment, treatment and training that is individualized and person-centered.  


In all locations we have access to at least one clinician with a specialty in behavior analysis or mental health issues. One of our guiding principles is to remain committed to all clients and assist other team members at any location as needed.


One of our guiding principles is to model the highest standard in the field; therefore we perform assessments, review available records and interview clients or their guardians/caregivers to create individualized plans. We value the uniqueness of each person we serve which is evident in the diversity within our team. 

We strive to have staff on our team that can identify and support the needs of our, clients; our team members range from newly graduated students, those pursuing a second career and tenured staff that have years of experience in our field. This wide range of experience and education benefits the individuals we support in our residential programs.


Aacres strives to help individuals with disabilities live as independently as possible. All efforts focus on providing supports and services in the least restrictive environment. Identifying barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from living as independently as possible will improve their overall quality of life which is one of Aacres’ main objectives when serving individuals.

Independence is fostered through various means, some of which include, money management, community involvement i.e.: Special Olympics, special interest groups, or hobby classes, cooking and home environment lessons, participation in leisure activities, using public transportation, and time keeping which would increase employment opportunities. 
Independence is also fostered with technology and mobility innovations.  


Aacres works collaboratively with various organizations ensuring the individuals we support become and remain as independent as possible. Aacres believes these efforts greatly expand the opportunities for people to live, learn, and work on their own terms.


We strive for excellence and view clinical consultation with peers as an asset to our professional growth. We remain within our scope of practice and utilize those members within our team that have the requisite skills to meet the needs of our clients.  


We consult with clinical members within our organization regardless of the state or service line for the benefit of those we serve. The Clinical Team of California is led by an Assistant Clinical Director, and a Registered Psychological Assistant, who works collaboratively with our Chief Clinical Officer.  


We remain committed to ongoing learning and cross-sharing to ensure that our clients receive the best services possible.